The Presence of God, the undying Flame Within

God’s presence is the undying flame within, the flooding light and consciousness provoking spark. God in my eyes and soul understanding, he is beyond the circumstances I face in life. I everyday experience his infinite way of presence; he is vast and free flow. He is near to my heart and delight to my mind. In my life, God is the ever presence force whether something called great happened for me or not. I am frustrated when the people I came across try to speak for me about the presence of God relative to my success or failure. I here graciously refuse to accept their idea of God’s presence that is of conditional.

I believe that, I am here for the purpose that God set me forth, for the works that he want me to do.I feel the magnitude of his presence in me. The awareness in me that is of my guidance uplifts my spirit. The contentment that I feel when forced for disappointments, the peace I feel when pushed over without apparent reason; it is an amazing feeling and only possible with the divine force that I am capable of standing against evil. I strive to see collective understanding of humanity, and uprising consciousness that is of positive vibration on Earth.

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