The Presence of God, the undying Flame Within

God’s presence is the undying flame within, the flooding light and consciousness provoking spark. God in my eyes and soul understanding, he is beyond the circumstances I face in life. I everyday experience his infinite way of presence; he is vast and free flow. He is near to my heart and delight to my mind. In my life, God is the ever presence force whether something called great happened for me or not. I am frustrated when the people I came across try to speak for me about the presence of God relative to my success or failure. I here graciously refuse to accept their idea of God’s presence that is of conditional.

I believe that, I am here for the purpose that God set me forth, for the works that he want me to do.I feel the magnitude of his presence in me. The awareness in me that is of my guidance uplifts my spirit. The contentment that I feel when forced for disappointments, the peace I feel when pushed over without apparent reason; it is an amazing feeling and only possible with the divine force that I am capable of standing against evil. I strive to see collective understanding of humanity, and uprising consciousness that is of positive vibration on Earth.

Prayer for the day

Father, God Thank You for the feeling I everyday cherish. Whether I go to Church to worship you or stay at any place, you are fully present force at all times. You are the Oxygen I breath, the flame of love that consumes my being, the rock, that of my foundation and the pick of the mountain that I stand on visibly. Your magnificence gives me goose bumps for I can’t express enough about you. Thank You father! Amen!

Enlightened by the Creator!

“Shout for Joy!…..When I swear the waters of Noah should not flood the earth again. So I have sworn that I will not be angry with you, nor will I rebuke you for the mountain may be removed and the hills may shake. But my loving-kindness will not be removed from you and my covenant of peace will not be shaken. Says the Lord who has compassion on you” Isaiah 54.

As one may notice, I started my spiritually guided entry as above for compelling reason. Because, God is my foundation, one who always is present and shows me his affection in the most profound ways. The above biblical notation given to me when my struggle for years resolved, literally my smoothing sail to life begins due to the awakening state flourished in me by the mercy and love of God, by the Holy spirit power of presence in my heart!

Thus, let the world know that I intend to communicate spirituality in its all capacity. We, human beings are here in this world for the short period of time. But, we forget to explore the best out of the infinite wisdom God has placed for us rather inclined in something that could be lost in a blink of eyes.

I am here to learn, to share what is experienced by being a believer of God, enchanted by his limitless love and kindness, mercy and greatness. God the greatest of all answered my quest for life purpose and the meaning why I am here for. With patience and pure believe in my heart kept going in searching for the truth. Then the divine, God himself showed me the way to understand and accept whatever comes in my way gracefully and kindly. Everything happens for a reason, so shall be dealt as it is with serenity and contentment. Glory to God, the Father, Jesus Christ, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Let it be known that my religion is Orthodox Christianity. I love and respect my Church teachings in its entirety and also in accordance of God’s guidance, I accept anyone from any kind of religion that upholds the greatness of God, the Creator, the Alpha and Omega and the power house of infinite wisdom!

Let us explore our world together, let love and peace flourish in our hearts and minds.

 Hello! Awakened beings let us support each other and create the positive chain reaction to our surroundings! There is a reason behind the Creator’s intention for we are master pieces and divine forms! What do you think?

Hello world!

Welcome to where your positive experience flourishes. Please, share your wisdoms, ideas, thoughtful expressions and collective positive contributions to help achieve greatness around the world. Spark your inner intelligence that comes from your higher source!